Stories made with Fitain

It’s more than just a soulless builder, it’s a companion

In the constantly changing landscape of fitness, Fitain shines as more than just your average health and fitness app. It's a genuine companion that brings real-life stories to the forefront, demonstrating the meaningful effects of personalisation, connection, and empowerment.

Story 1: Gregg

Meet Gregg, a dedicated personal trainer and the owner of Gainz Fit in Leeds. Recently, he organised a group strength and conditioning session for young rugby players. In the pre-Fitain era, he used to share workout routines via email after the session. However, with Fitain, he streamlined the process by instantly connecting with the participants, creating the workout, and sending it over. The added advantage of progress tracking elevated his business competitiveness.

Now, every session is an opportunity for Gregg to empower his clients. He sends them personalised plans with exercises they can complete at their convenience, allowing them to shape their own fitness journeys.

Fitain has proven to be more than just an app – it's a value-added tool that strengthens the client-trainer relationship, encouraging them to return for more. Gregg's innovative approach showcases the versatility of Fitain beyond its initial conception.

From a professional standpoint, Fitain's influence is just as remarkable. Allow me to introduce you to Leon – he's not only our committed product director but also a skilled personal trainer. Leon effectively taps into Fitain's features to assist clients on their fitness journeys.

Story 2: Leon

Meet Leon, our dedicated product director and personal trainer, who leverages Fitain's capabilities to guide clients through their fitness journey. Two of these clients happen to be our tech wizard, Jack, and design guru, Lewis. By understanding their preferences and fitness goals, Leon crafted tailored 4-week programs for both, utilising our extensive library of 2150+ exercises. The results were remarkable – a surge of motivation whenever Jack and Lewis hit the gym. With pre-designed workouts and preset metrics, the process became effortless for the clients. All they needed to do was click the 'begin' button, thanks to Leon's meticulous planning.

Leon didn't stop there – he monitored their progress history and actively engaged in conversations each time they completed a workout. While most exercises were spot-on, some needed fine-tuning. Leon swiftly made these adjustments in real time, providing a seamless experience. A simple message, "I've refined a few exercises for a better fit," made the clients feel valued and understood.

As the 4 weeks flew by, Jack and Lewis were eager for more, leading to monthly program renewals. This not only deepened the client-trainer relationship but also provided Leon with an additional income stream. Fitain became a win-win solution for all involved, strengthening bonds and nurturing fitness success.

As we explore Fitain's features more extensively, we come across stories that highlight how the app truly makes a difference in people's fitness journeys.

Story 3: Lee

During a recent trip to Crete, our CEO Lee found himself at a gym with his son and a friend. While Lee focused on his own workout routine, his son and friend faced a minor challenge. Unsure of which exercises to do and lacking the confidence to create their own plan, his son turned to Fitain for assistance.

Using his phone, Lee's son explored Fitain’s Plan library and discovered an ab workout that intrigued him. To their surprise, his friend eagerly joined in, making it a collaborative effort. Little did Lee know, this was all happening behind the scenes without his knowledge.

This scenario truly embodies Fitain's essence – offering tools and guidance for individuals on their fitness journeys, no matter their location or the timing. The plan not only boosted confidence at the gym for Lee's son and his friend but also ignited their motivation to continue their journeys.

Interestingly, Lee only learned of this when he asked them about their gym time. His son casually mentioned, "We found an ab workout and did it together."

Fitain not only reshapes workout routines and brings people together, but it also empowers individuals to explore new dimensions of their fitness goals.

Story 4: Leon

One day at the gym, our product director Leon felt like shaking up his workout routine. A fan of dynamic movements and functional equipment like BOSU balls, battle ropes, and dumbbells, he decided to try some cable exercises. But when he looked for instructions, he found only basic pictures.

So, he grabbed his phone and, instead of creating a plan, explored cable exercises. He discovered numerous variations that resonated with his preferences. He could even filter exercises based on cable height and anchoring points. Whether one-sided or two, he watched videos, read descriptions, and incorporated these exercises into his routine.

Story 5: Lee

Lee's desire for a new training approach led him to create a structured 3-week strength-based program using our builder. After carefully arranging his plans and shaping the program, he eagerly started it. During a casual conversation with his close friend Jay in Australia, Lee mentioned his creation, sparking Jay's interest. Sharing it with Jay, Lee thought nothing of it.

Unbeknownst to Lee, Jay was so impressed with the program that he decided to give it a shot simultaneously. Their shared experiences became a foundation for mutual motivation and support, deepening their friendship along the way.

Jay's valuable feedback, driven by his active participation, shed light on areas for improvement within the app. We embraced his input, making refinements based on his insights. Jay became an integral part of his own journey and contributed to enhancing ours, propelling us both forward together."

These stories highlight how Fitain transforms fitness into a shared journey, evolving from basic workout plans to meaningful connections. Fitain is more than just a builder; it's a genuine companion, crafted to inspire and uplift every fitness story.