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Dumbbell Plank to Upright Row

  • Advanced
  • Full Body

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Setup instructions

1) Start in a plank position. Hold each dumbbell with a firm grip - arms directly under your shoulders.

Perform instructions

1) Jump your feet in so they end up outside of your hands. Bend your knees, keep the back flat and you should end up in a deadlift position.

2) Press into your heels and lift the weights from the floor. As you lift, twist your wrists inwards. Straighten your legs and carry on lifting.

3) Raise your elbows up and out and keep the weights close to your body.

4) Once you hit chest level, pause for a second and slowly lower to the floor. Bend your knees again and place the weights back on the floor.

5) Jump your legs back to the starting position.

6) Repeat.