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Lockdown lifestyles

Three months on from UK lockdown, a fitness app has commissioned research into the impact on the nation’s health and lifestyles. A study of over 1,200 UK adults commissioned by Fitain demonstrated that lockdown has had a significant impact on the behaviour of many. A worrying trend for unhealthy habits has left some in need of a lifestyle overhaul as we begin to come out of lockdown.

Over a third (37%) said they have been snacking more, around a quarter (23%) have been comfort eating to cope, while more than a fifth (22%) admitted they have been drinking more alcohol during lockdown.

The biggest lockdown boozers were in the 35-44 age group, with 30% saying their alcohol consumption had risen, compared to only 14% of the 65-75 age group. And it seems we have become a nation of middle-aged munchers, as those aged 45-54 were the biggest comfort eaters - 28% compared to just 13% of 65-75 year olds. Women were the biggest snackers, with 41% saying they have grazed their way through the pandemic, compared to only 32% of men.

Fitain’s founder, Lee Austin, said: “It’s no surprise that lockdown has had a huge impact on the behaviour of many, and bad habits may have crept in as a coping mechanism as we have all struggled to come to terms with the current pandemic. Comfort eating and booze are often used as an emotional crutch during stressful times. It’s not all bad news though, and it is encouraging to see that many have also embraced the opportunity to focus on their fitness goals.

The positives of lockdown lifestyles included more than a quarter (28%) having more time to exercise, 15% started a new exercise regime, and 14% have been using online training such as Joe Wicks PE to keep fit at home.

Lee concluded: “Now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift, we are hoping people will either continue striving for fitness, or aim to improve their bad habits. Either way, we hope our app could give them the support they need to achieve their goals.