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Найти фитнес в вашем районе

Fitain® это новое приложение, которое означает, что ваши идеальные фитнес-профессионалов в настоящее время на кончиках ваших пальцев.

Это бесплатно, чтобы зарегистрироваться и использовать, так что скачать его сейчас и начать свое путешествие, или читать дальше, чтобы узнать больше о том, как она работает.

Find the right fitness professional for you

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Innovative colour matching system

By picking your interests you are assigned a unique colour. Fitness professionals do the same, and the closer their colour is to yours, the closer the match. It's that easy, no long forms or questionnaires to complete.

Quick and easy - no intrusive questions!

We don't need your age, weight, height, sex or shoe size to match you with a professional. Find your ideal matches in seconds, and if you want to take things further and connect with the trainer, the sign-up process takes under a minute. Your information is safe and secure, we don’t share it with any other companies.

Connect with as many professionals as you like

Do you want two personal trainers, a physiotherapist and a nutritionist? Great, find them all on Fitain and manage ALL your professionals with ONE account and ONE app.

All your classes & training sessions in one place

Remote, in person, one to one or group classes - you can manage them all in one place. Add notes to let the professionals know how you're feeling or any special requirements you may have. Join, re-schedule or cancel your fitness classes and training sessions, all through the Fitain app.

Exclusive offers and discounts

You can also find discount codes and offers for some of the biggest fitness brands including Nike, My Protein and Bulk Powders to name a few. Get discounts off clothing, supplements and other fitness related products.