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Setting Targets

The last part of the process is adding targets. We can set a Bench Press target of 12reps at 20kg and so on…

Pipeline — Select your exercise > decide trackable metrics (Reps/Weight/Time etc…) > Update targets

Of course this is optional — as hinted above, some exercises may not want you to track. But if they did, on the Overview screen you’ll see the ‘Update target’ button appear. For anyone completing the plan, these will be suggested targets for them to reach.

Please note, at least one trackable exercise must be in your plan for this to appear.

  • Go to the ‘Overview Screen’ and click ‘Update targets’. Simply input what you want.
  • Click ‘Save’.


Autofill tip

Say you have a repeated exercise and want to fill them all in at the same time. On the first box, type in the targets and click ‘done’ on the keypad. You’ll then get a pop up which will ask if you’d like to auto fill. Click ‘yes’ and just like that — all filled!

This works for repeated exercises and exercises within a repeated group. We got you…

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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