Creating Groups on Fitain

Now I want to take a step back and really dive into detail.. I’m going to show you more juicy ways to use our plan builder.


Very useful for sectioning out a plan and bunching exercises together. It can also be a sub-routine which can be repeated.

Examples: “Superset Section”, “Warmup Section”, “Monday” — you choose. Let’s set up a warm up group & repeat 3x. On the Overview screen…

  • Click ‘add', then ‘add group’.
  • Name the group ‘Warmup exercises’. If you’d like you can put in a description.
  • Click ‘Repeat’ and type in 3.
  • Click ‘Save’ and you’ll be brought in the group.

Now just add an exercise — we’ll add ‘Bench Press’.

  • Click ‘Add’, ‘Add an exercise’, ‘Choose from library’.
  • In the search bar type in ‘Barbell bench press’, Click ‘Apply’.
  • Select the exercise, click ‘Next’, then ‘Save’.
  • We’ll go through the process again to add “Push up”.


Groups are a great way to section and neaten a plan. Bunch a group of exercises together and call it whatever you want. “Warmup section”, “Main Routine”, “Superset”, “Burnout Exercise” yep — all works! You can then repeat the group as many times as you want.

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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