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Creating a Booking

In a nutshell, the host sends a booking request to the recipient(s). They respond y/n — done.

A fundamental part of Fitain is it’s Booking System — which is super quick and easy! Before we start, i’d like to introduce some concepts:

Create custom booking — for one off bookings (don’t plan to re-use)

Create Service — for re-use (more on this later)

Connections booking themselves in — Set up Services & Availability (Working Hours)

Creating a booking (hosting)

Let’s walk through making a one-off booking. In your Bookings area…

Note: PROs must have at least one connection to do this.

  1. Press “Make a booking” > select your connection(s) and click “Next”.
  2. Press “Create custom booking” > fill in the required fields (name, duration, location) > “Choose dates”.
  3. Select the date and time > “Review” > “Confirm and create”.

The booking request is sent to the recipient — easy huh…

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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