Adding Rests

These can be added on the overview and in a group. We can also duplicate, edit, delete and sort.

  • Click 'Add' > 'Add Rest'.
  • Choose your time by the presets or type it in. Click 'Done'.


Rests in between exercises

When repeating an exercise, you can insert rests in between.

For context: When we say ‘Repeat’ we mean ‘Sets’ in the fitness world. We had to make this language agnostic for all the professional types on Fitain.

This is very common in Plan building and we wanted to do it justice — for my UX people out there…

Let’s repeat this exercise 3x and set a rest in between for 30s.

  • Click 'Add' > 'Add exercise' > 'Choose from library'.
  • In the search bar type in the exercise you want — 'Barbell Bench Press’ for example.
  • Click 'Apply' and select your exercise.
  • Select 'Repeat' and type in 3. You’ll notice an extra field is shown.
  • Click 'Add Rest' then choose your rest periods (30s).

Now, when we preview the plan (by clicking the 3 dots) you can see what it looks like as a full list. Cool right?

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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