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10 Upgrades For Fitain ~ 3.4.3

We’ve been busy behind the scenes improving & tweaking Fitain. Plans in particular has received a lot of love with this update – among other things. So, Let’s get to it!

Bug & stability fixes

Nothing to scream about really – with every update we aim to squish pesky, annoying bugs! Moving on…

Exercise Improvements

1. Exercise Library Screen Update

Take a look at the new exercise screens in-app. Lewis (our designer), Jack (our developer) kudos lads.

Now you can see:

  • Interests attached
  • Primary muscle group
  • Equipment used
  • Set up instructions
  • Perform instructions
  • Skill based components (Power, speed, agility, reaction time, coordination & balance)
  • Health benefits (strength, cardiovascular, muscular endurance, flexibility, recovery, mental)
  • Model (you can connect with in-app)
  • Alternatives** (improved this)
  • Found in these plans** (in our public library)

Note: when looking for an exercise to add to a plan, you can now click on the alternative exercises and add that. A tiny tweak for a better experience but more on this later.

2. Strength Interest Added

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Now you can add this to your profiles, plans and filter exercises by it.

3. Pelvic Floor Muscle Group

Now you can filter by this muscle group – a very welcomed addition. Here's a few Pelvic Floor exercises: 

4. Exercise Descriptions 1526/2085

Almost their people! It’s one of those tasks where you must chip away at it every day. But, well worth the wait.

Plan Improvements

5. Plans adding metrics straight away

When adding an exercise to a plan, after selecting what kind of metrics you want to track (reps, weight, time etc.) you can instantly set the targets.

This goes hand in hand with the next improvement.


6. See all targets with Preview Mode (personal favourite update)

Now you can see all the targets you’ve inputted - useful to see gaps.

7. Edit Plans you’ve shared with others

Once a plan has been shared with somebody else you can now update it. What this means for professionals is, rather than creating a new plan for a client every time you want to update it, you can update it live on their profile.

(Thanks to Gregg from Gainz Fit in Morley for this suggestion)

8. Timer (get ready 3,2,1 grace period added)

When you start a timer, you have time to get ready instead of it instantly starting.

9. Autofill update (IOS only)

We’ve dedicated a button for autofill so you have more control. This makes it way more efficient and less obstructive.

Note: Android users, yours will take a bit more work but we’re on it.

10. Reorder UX change

We’ve made this easier - you now have a visual cue for how long you need to hold. Press, hold & drag to it’s new position.

These were all the improvements of the new update 3.4.3. Now, let’s talk future updates (coming soon).

What we’re working on

Exercise Library Upgrade

This is something I’m personally excited about! It’s been in the works for a while but will take Fitain to a new level. Here’s a sneak peek…

It’ll make sense soon.

Programs sneak peak


As always, you get a special thank you. We’re honoured and appreciate your support.   

Thank you for using Fitain

Honestly, it so special to see people use our app on a day-to-day basis and empowers us to keep going. Our mission is still the same, we want to make this our full-time jobs and keep delivering to you! Have fun - to better health, The Fitain Team.

by Leon Ward
Product Director and Cofounder

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