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BurnIt 12 Week Program | By Leon Ward

This is my official program that I created and personally follow. The program is designed to help you get stronger, leaner and more agile in just 12 weeks. It includes a mix of bootcamp-style circuits and straightforward muscle-building exercises. I’ve been following this program on a 1800 - 2000 kcal nutrition plan and it works 👍🏽

  • 12 weeks
  • Advanced
Build muscle Crossfit Bootcamp Strength & conditioning

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Week 1

Welcome to PHASE ONE

This phase is dedicated to pure muscle building. You’ll get stronger and pack on size for three weeks. Please note that I’ve dubbed week one as a ‘false sense of security’. The following weeks progressively get harder.


Chest & Back Day

At the start of every phase, we do a FIT TEST to mark our progress.