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CrossFit® - Helen

Helen is a CrossFit® workout of the day (WOD). All you need is a kettlebell, pull up bar and enough space to run! Complete the workout in the fastest time.

  • 15 minutes
  • Intermediate
  • Pull Up Bar · Kettlebell
  • Full Body · Hamstrings · Lower Back · Upper Back

The working weight of the kettle is 16kg (35lbs) for women and 24kg (53lbs) for men. Don’t worry if that’s too much, start with a lower weight and increase over time.

Time guides

Beginner: 12-15 minutes Intermediate: 10-12 minutes Advanced: 8-10 minutes Elite: < 8 minutes

Main workout
Outdoor Run
Distance (m)
Kettlebell Swing
Reps | Weight (kg)
Pull Up